Clinical review

Reviewer:  Dr Helen Kenealy, geriatrician and general physician, Counties Manukau DHB
Date of review: May 2020
Platform: Apple
Comments: An app for carers of people with dementia or friends or relatives of a person with dementia, to give some understanding of the experience in the first stages, to getting more knowledge and engagement. The app gives a very personal in-depth experience of how each person’s experience is different. The video on the website(external link)(external link) shows an extraordinary amount of real life thinking that went in to its development.
Safety concerns: Yes – need to be careful that you keep yourself safe while using app, especially if you use the box option. To make sure you don’t fall or hit in to anything, you need to have a support person with you.
New Zealand relevance: Yes – although created by Alzheimer’s Research UK, the app is relevant to a New Zealand audience.